With your FreedomVoice Cloud Based PBX system you can have additional phone numbers added for specific marketing purposes AND have them routed and programed however you choose!

Many of our clients use these extra numbers to promote in markets that are outside their Area Code, but still want to look "Local" to the callers.  Simply have an additional number added to your system for area code you desire.  These calls can be routed to ring through to your system as any other call would be, or it can be custom routed to a specific employee or group of employees and even have its own Voicemail and Greeting.



Other clients use these to track marketing success.  By using different numbers in different marketing activities you can track the success of your programs.  You can also route these numbers to your main system, specific employees or a group of employees.  The sophisticated reporting that comes included with the FreedomVoice Cloud Based PBX is easy to use, powerful and accessable from anywhere you have internet access.

Give us a call with any questions or to discuss how these can be used for your specific needs, at 520-886-7447 x150.