Monday Morning ClientBase Tip:

If you are not using the attachments functionality in ClientBase ResCards you are really missing out!

By attaching your confirmations, vouchers, and other communications to the ResCard they are ALWAYS at your fingertips, as well as available to another agent who might be covering for you.  If you have access to ClientBase at home, then these documents are also readily available.



It is very simple to attach a document to a ResCard.  The first step is to get the document saved to your computer.  Save it in a place you will remember and have easy access to.  Many agents have created a folder on their computer titled "Client Attachments" for easy access.  Once you have the confirmation saved, go to the ResCard and find the Attachment Tab - located within the series of Tabs below the addresses.


Click Add Attachment, then Browse for Attachement, and then Browse to your saved document and Upload, Open or Save - depending upon your Browser and Computer Operating System.

Once you have attached the document you can easily open it anytime you need to review it, without looking for the file, rummaging through your desk or calling the office to have someone find it for you.