Peak Travel Group

Scott’s podcasts are easy, effective and designed to get front line staff to understand the value CB brings to both the agent and the agency.  In a customized session for our staff, Scott reviewed the importance of ResCards and why we should use them at initial inquiry.  Everyone had a ‘eureka’ moment! 
Because Scott is an agency owner who sells travel and uses this tool, he brings authenticity and agent perspective to the trainings. 
Vivienne Kouba, CTC
President, NW Operations | Journeys Peak Travel


Our agency has been using Client Base for over a year.  My staff is happy with the product and developed good basic skills.  We were at the point where we needed to improve our skills so we could get better use of the product.  Scott Caddow’s training has helped us meet our goal.  His video training was excellent because it focused on learning short cuts and tricks which helped us eliminate some paper records in our office.  After watching the videos, Scott followed-up with one-on-one training which has helped us focus on Client Base skills useful to the way we do business.  I recommend to join his group.
Ed Plog
Empress Travel & Cruises
Schenectady, NY
I just wanted to say how great your webinar series on ResCards is!  First I watched them with the interns and then the staff!
Of course I am more excited than anyone!  Thanks again!
Annette Stellhorn
Accent on Travel
I want to thank you for including me in your CB Training program including the podcasts and one to one training. The podcasts have been especially helpful.  They are clear and concise and best of all accessible for review.  The one to one sessions with my staff have been vital in encouraging my team to get on board with starting a res card at time of first contact.
Thank you for your help in getting my staff to understand the importance of the res card completion, and giving me personally a better handle on the whole CB process.
I hope you will continue with the program.  I look forward to receiving the next edition.
Carol Levy CTIE
Travel Planners